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We’re proud to offer our larger group clients these additional services that will make your job easier and help your employees realize the value of their entire benefits package.
Customized Employee Benefits Website

Employee Benefits websites are designed to help you maximize your employee benefits package. These personalized sites allow your employees to access all benefit information and have direct access to all documents and forms and  link directly to your carriers and other valuable resources. With 24/7 access, your employees will better understand and appreciate their benefits and require less of your staff’s time.

To explore our demo, visit www.tfabenefits.com
Username: abc – Password: 123

On-Line Enrollment

Managing the day-to-day business of employee benefits can be a time consuming task – not to mention the overwhelming chaos that occurs every year during open enrollment.
We have help for you and your staff

With On-Line Enrollment, your employees will be able to enter their personal information just one time and enroll for all benefit lines on-line in one place. No more days of filling out a multitude of handwritten forms which can be hard to read or lost before ever getting to the carrier.

Once your open enrollment period is closed, and on a weekly basis thereafter, the enrollment information is transmitted electronically to each carrier directly into their systems. Plus, the administrative tools will provide you with a host of tracking and reporting capabilities. On-line enrollment has in the past been limited to only large fortune 500 companies can not be accessed by your company by simply deciding to work with us. We’re sure you will love this benefit. Contact us for a demonstration of this system or to explore on your own go to: www.tfabenefits.com

Username:  abc  -  Password: 123  then click on the gold On-Line Enrollment button and enter

Username: tester – Password: tester1

Total Compensation Statements

Total Compensation Statements have helped thousands of companies improve employee morale, reduce turnover and increase productivity with personalized benefit statements that show employees the total value of their “hidden paycheck.” When turnover is reduced, the costs to recruit, hire and train replacements are lower. That translates to greater profitability to your organization. For a sample, Click Here to view an example of our Total Compensation Statement.

Flexible Benefits Administration

Under Internal Revenue Code 125, employers can adopt a plan to allow participants to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualifying medical and dependent care expenses. With BENEFLEX, employers can affordably implement these Flexible Spending Account programs and take advantage of the often substantial tax saving to both the company and employees as well. In doing so, employers can more easily attract and retain employees and continue to effectively deliver on their firm’s reputation and brand image.

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Open House Block Party!

Habitat SHR invites you to an Open House Block Party—on Sunday, September 21, from 2PM until 5PM—showcasing the progress of our latest Habitat for Heroes project. Join us as we celebrate our service to the Veteran community in Hampton Roads.

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